Stourysreef - Frag Tank CLEAR OUT (Coral Packs)

Hey guys, Pm or text if interested (302) 438-2577.

Whats up guys, I have to clear out my frag tank and I have a bunch of amazing healthy SPS, LPS etc. that have been healing in my frag tank for months now. Totally aquacultured and healthy!!! Corals include:

24K Milli

Various Millis

PC Rainbow

White/purple Goni's


Jason Fox Raja Rampage Chalice

Flaming Phoenix Moni

Various Torts

Toxic green Slimers



bonsai SPS

Jaw Breaker Mushroom

Gold Torches $200

and Many many more....deliveries.

To keep things simple, coral packs will be picked by me with guaranteed nice frags picked and mixed with higher end stuff and some starter frags:

3 Pack - $35 a Frag

5 Pack - $30 a Frag

10 Pack - $25 a Frag

15 Pack - $20 a Frag

Here are a few pics but send me a text if you have any additional questions. (302) 438-2577

Original posting with a lot of feedback along with youtube videos of an example of some frags along with my display tank update....

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Listing created Jul 3, 2021