Drain the Tank Sale. Everything Must Go.

The main part of this sale is for 4 fish: Splendid Pintail Wrasse (male); Carpenters Wrasse (male); Canary Wrasse (male); Yellow Watchman Gobi.

All of these fish were fully quarantined. All were bought from TSM Aquatics: one of the premier saltwater fish stores in the nation. There has never been any sign of disease and fish are eating like pigs. I feed them a diet of LRS Reef Frenzy and Reef Nutrition TDO Chroma Boost. The color on these fish are absolutely vibrant with no blemishes.

As I stated, this is a "drain the tank sale." Everything must go... however, the buyer doesn't have to take anything other than the fish. This sale will work especially for those who would like more than the fish; the pintail wrasse was $230 by itself. I have 3 ricordea mushrooms, a beautiful cyphestrea, 4 or 5 paly/zoas (please see pics). Additionally, 5 or 6 peppermint shrimp, fight conch, and numerous hermit crabs. I had planned on throwing in an 18 head torch, and several hammers, but unfortunately while I was away for a month, my peppermint shrimp decided to feast on them. The torch is completely gone, but the Aussie Lemon Splatter hammer has a chance, along with a Jason Fox Rainbow hammer.

This is for pickup only--CASH. I am not splitting up the fish--all 4 must go with the purchase; however, as i said. you are not required to take anything but the fish. The plan is to have the buyer come over while I am draining the tank and bag them. I am located in northern Delaware. Approximately an hour from TSM Aquatics (south jersey) and Philly.

If you hit my build page, you'll see more detailed pics.

thanks for looking.

Listing created Jul 7, 2021