Everything Must Go- But for a great reason!

My wife and I are expecting our second and unfortunately that means daddy's fish room is being turned into a nursery! I am in the process of finding new homes for my fish, corals and hermits and hoping to recoup a little cost to put into the new nursery.

This Orange Striped Cardinal is one of my favorites. He's super hardy, peaceful beautiful and really inquisitive. He's also a pretty rare cardinal to find. Asking $15.

The Purple Firefish is a recent addition and is stunning in person. Asking $35.

The Two Spot Goby is the OG of this tank. Not only does it have amazing coloring but it's been awesome to watch it cruise around the tank digging out burrows. Asking $15.

Pincushion Urchin - $5

Green Star Polyp Colony (3inx2in)- $35

Green and Teal Ricordea - $20

Gauntlet Zoa colony (30+ heads)- $50

Emeralds on Fire Zoa Frag (3 heads) - $45

Green Montipora Spongodes- $20

Green Pocillopora- $15

Teal Tipped Torch- $65

Sponge and Hammer - $10

Grey and Orange Monti- $25

Green Mushroom- Free with purchase

I also have a bunch of hermits and Astrea Snails I'll toss in with purchase.

I WONT BE SHIPPING so we'll either need to arrange to meet or you can pick up.

Listing created Jul 13, 2021