Jawbreakers, Walt Disney, Pink & the Bear, space Invader

I’ve got a few frags for sale.

Pick up in Toledo, Oh, or shipped, let me know you want and your zip code and I’ll come up with a deal!

I’ve got 1 mounted Jawbreaker, nice size, nice color splatter, and there is a tiny baby already sprouting on the frag. $100

I’ve got a Walt Disney Tenuis, and Pink and the bear frags ready.

1” spire on each.

$100 for WD, $80 for Pinky and the bear.

I’ve got huge Superman Rhodactis, $40 each

Space Invader Pectinia Frag, nicely healed and growing on a small rock, 2-3 eyes. $60

Fascination Favia, $35 for the huge colony, mostly green right now, but gets really orange, pic of mother included.

Meteor shower Cyphastrea, $20/frag

I also have a couple 1” frags of the Monti I have pictured. I’m forgetting the name. That’s not slow burn, I believe it’s a reef raft lineage? Anyway, $75 for a frag of that.

Always have plenty of rbtas, $40 each.

Thanks for lookin!

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Listing created Jul 25, 2021